Variable Capacity Wine Fermenters

Wine Tanks NW variable capacity wine fermenters can be used for both oxidative and non-oxidative wine fermentation. A “variable capacity” wine fermenter is essentially an open-top wine fermenter fitted with a sliding lid that can slide up and down the tank to accommodate variable sized batches of wine or the lid can be removed so that the fermenter becomes an open-top fermenter.  During fermenting, the tank lid can be removed to give the winemaker access to the “cap” which is formed from the wine skins on the top of the tank as the wine ferments. The winemaker, using a paddle, can stir or gently punch the cap back down into the wine in the tank then replace the lid.

Variable capacity wine fermenters

Custom Configurations Available – Please Contact WTNW

Standard features of WTNW variable capacity wine fermenters include:

  • Top Floating Lid:
    • Lid slides down tank to accommodate variable batch sizes
    • Punchdown manway: fully welded into the truncated conical top, allows for easy access into the tank for punchdown, inspection, and service

  • Tank Sidewall:
    • Interior finish: smooth 2-B interior finish, blended and made sanitary at all weldment
    • Dimple jacket: our energy-saving precision laser-welded dimple cooling jackets are hydroformed and baffled to maximize turbulence and minimize load on the glycol cooling system. Both low- and high-pressure options are available
    • Dual-action manway (round): top inswing and outswing manway for complete racking access
    • Dump-out manway (square): outswing only and located at base of sidewall allows complete cleanout of pomace and wash debris
    • Drainage sump: both sump and ports are housed in a precision engineered, removable drain screen inside the tank
    • Racking port
    • Temperature Thermowell port: includes protective temperature control shield
    • Sample port: includes a valve in the sidewall that allows easy samples to be collected

  • Tank bottom:
    • Sloped floor: enables easier dump-out, cleaning, and other interior operations
    • Tank mounting: can be either floor-mounted or mounted on PKW’s proprietary ring stand

WTNW Variable Capacity Wine Fermenters

PKW Wine Fermenter Open-Top Spec Sheet

WTNW Variable Capacity Wine Fermenter Spec Sheet (Click to download)

If you require custom variable capacity wine fermenters for your winery, please give us a call.  We are masters of process engineering, and our highly skilled craftsmen have manufactured stainless steel tanks of all kinds and sizes for multiple industries. Regardless of your needs, you will not find higher quality equipment than the wine fermenters and storage tanks manufactured by Wine Tanks NW.

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